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    Alternative Dispute Resolution forms ~



General Mediation Forms

Request for Mediation & Agreement to Mediate [PDF]
Use this form for requesting a mediation, or responding to a request. Must be filled out by every party attending a mediation, listing each individual participant and available dates. Be sure to fax to the MJD's office and to all other parties involved in the mediation.

Mediation Policies and Procedures [PDF]
The policies and procedures under which the MJD conducts his mediations. Please make sure all participants read and familiarize themselves with these prior to scheduling a mediation session.

Mediation Preparation Checklist [PDF]
Please review approximately one week prior to mediation in order to prepare completely for an upcoming mediation session. Remember to bring a check, since all fees are due upon the session's conclusion.

What to expect at your mediation [PDF]
This document explains to non-attorneys and attorneys alike what to expect from the mediation the MJD's style and process. It describes the various stages of the mediation process (Joint Session, Caucus, etc.) and their expected uses in the mediation. This information is especially valuable for educating clients who may not have participated in previous mediations.

Mediation Confidentiality Agreement [PDF]
Generally executed by all participants at the beginning of the mediation session. This Agreement reinforces the California Evidence Code and confirms that all mediation communications are confidential.

Mediation Clauses for insertion into contracts [PDF]
Use these clauses when drafting transactional, buy-sell, partnership, or employment agreements.

Post-Mediation Evaluation Form [PDF]
We value your feedback. Please click here to open our evaluation form and give us your thoughts on your mediation session and your mediator.

Los Angeles Superior Court ADR Forms: These forms are used for Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) services for the cases directed by State of California Superior Court of Los Angeles. The forms listed below are fillable and may be viewed and printed from this web site by using Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you may download the application for free from Adobe's Web Site.

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