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Boot Camp at Sea ~
Life's too Short to  wait for the Ship to come  !

Extrajudicial Dispute Resolution Professional Skills Boot Camp at Sea

These 1-5 day "Extrajudicial Dispute Resolution Professional Skills" seminars and  workshops are the extracted essence of  the three main elements of a true resolution process we have been talking about. These elements are Mediation not Litigation, Mediation Professional Ethics  and Mediation Perseverance & Leadership. These seminars &  workshop are carefully conducted by known professors and practitioners in respective field of dispute resolution, specifically designed for  retired Judges,  lawyers, neutrals, peace keepers, corporate leaders and professionals who wants to revel the personal belief system, have a breakthrough experience around "Alternative Dispute Resolution", and  commit to ultimate refined attributes of exrrajudicial conflict resolution system..

If your action inspires others to Dream more, Learn more, Do more and Become more, You are a Leader ........John Quincy Adams


EDRPS area of concentration :

  • BCS 101: Science of Settlement 

  • BCS 102: Global Tourism and Trade Dispute Resolution 

  • BCS 103: Medicine, Law and Ethics Mania 

  • BCS 104: Designing Effective Dispute Resolution Systems

  • BCS 105: Commercial International Dispute Resolution 

  • BCS 106: Past - Present and the Future of Sports Dispute Resolution 

  • BCS 107: Judges,Juries,jurisdiction and Extrajudicial Dispute Resolution 

  • BCS 108: Media and Entertainment Internal Conflict Resolution

  • BCS 109: Environment and Public Policy Conflict Resolution

  • BCS 110: Leadership in Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • BCS 111:  All in the family  inside Conflict Resolution

  • BCS 112: The Complete Professional Mediator 

You will take away specific skills from workshop:  

Experience new ways to leverage your service to the community.

Experience the ability to complete tasks larger than you thought possible, conquering overwhelming challenges with spectacular challenges.

Developing your professional and personal literarily.

Discover your purpose and ability to say yes or no

Live your passion

Lead the leaders team.

Boot Camp at Sea  seminars and workshops are  held on a luxury cruiseline. They are normally sponsored by an   institution, Corporation, Public or Private Organization, or an Association.  The attending group, generally  will  have  25 to 35 people in the seminar. Participants will receive a workbook, and other respective class materials.

Next Steps:  Please click the "EDRPS area of concentration" of your choices  mentioned  above   to learn more and  Register   To book a cruise please Contact  MediationJD Services Coordinator at 310-544-1434 or email any question you may have, to info@MediationJD.com

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If you are planning a career move to extrajudicial dispute resolution, Attend this Boot Camp at Sea.

If you are an experienced neutral or advocate wanting to better understand domestic and international recent issues in extrajudicial dispute resolution, Attend this Boot Camp at Sea.
If you are a litigator wanting to better utilize arbitration, mediation and other extrajudicial dispute resolution methods  and gain insight how neutrals approach their task, Attend this Boot Camp at Sea.

Learn from top neutral academics, advocates and practitioners who will share their experience, insight, expert advice and best practice tips.
Network with seasoned practitioners about the finer points of extrajudicial dispute resolution.
Stay current with the ever changing world of extrajudicial dispute resolution processes.

“The Extrajudical Dispute Resolution Professional Skills Boot Camp at Sea was outstanding. Training provided me the practical and substantive knowledge to move my mediation practice forward”

“Best course of this nature I’ve attended Great balance of theory and practice”.

“Enjoyed camaraderie with other attendees, I would highly recommend this program to other Alternative Dispute Resolution professionals”.