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Keynote speaking Services

 Alternative Dispute resolution & Conflict Management , Professional Ethics, Perseverance & Leadership Development

Selecting the right keynote topic is the most important decision you'll make for your event!

MJDs speaking typically includes several keynotes at conferences and many invitational speeches at prominent educational institutions, major corporations, public and private organizations in USA, and overseas. In the year 2008, 2009 and 2010 Dr.SK gave entertaining speeches on “Leadership” and conducted seminars on “Mediation as an effective alternative for dispute resolution” for Delhi, Karnatka,  Madhya Pradesh (India) Judicial Academies and State  High Courts honorable judges, justices and leading lawyers. He was also privileged to deliver educational and entertaining speeches on “Dispute Resolution and Leadership development” to the Judicial, Peace officers and Public administrators of Madhya Pradesh and Chattishgarh state governments at “Noronha Academy of Administration & Management”  Bhopal (MP) and at Chattishgarh Academy of Administration Raipur (CG), India respectively.

Most MJDs write their own customized material for the  group and  can add professionalism as the emcee for your event. . Please fill out the Pre-Program Questionnaire completely so designated MJD can adequately prepare for your event.

To engage  MJD for speaking event, please  Contact  MediationJD Services Coordinator at 310-544-1434 or via  email info@MediationJD.com  

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Keynote Speeches*

  • Life's too Short to Resolute Disputes ! 

  • If it does not fit, must you Settle ?

  • Go Mam Go (Go Mediate and Mediate Go) !

  • A Mediator who bought his First used Ferrari !

  • The Character that, Does Count !  

  • The East , the West and the Rest ! 

  • Here Comes Colonel Compliance ! 

  • I Came, I Heard, I became an ADR advocate !

  • Demystifying Mediation Leadership Within You !

  • I'm their Leader, Which way Did they go?

  • Let the Elephant come out of Crystal Cave ! 

  • May I talk to The Manager, Please !

  • Is Success that complicated, or Am I missing something?

  • Do you spend more time in the Bathroom or Communicating with your Clients?

  • I Contract Therefore I am, I Mediate therefore I Achieve !

* Partial list





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