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   Mediation not litigation ~ we can make it !


The ability to deal with people is as purchasable a commodity as sugar or coffee, and I will pay more for that ability than for any other under the sun.  _   John D. Rockefeller

Dates: Location: Tuition:: $795.00
Time: Mon.-Sat.: 9am--5pm  Reg. 8.30am   Deposit:$150.00 ::Bal.due (60 days Prior) 
Tel: 310-544-1434 :::: Fax: 310-544-0284   Register:

MNL101- Mediating Extrajudicial Disputes :  

This  Forty  two hours, six day certification workshop is consists of  lecture, small group exercises, and role-playing designed for persons who want to acquire a strong foundation in mediator skills and and wish to satisfy the classroom training requirements of the California Dispute Resolution Programs Act   Course training is highly focused on practice of  mediation not only between the disputants and but also between the disputants and the  third party neutral.

The advanced practicum aims to develop more advanced skill sets of the reflective practitioner as well as key elements, principles and strategies in interventions of the interactive processes in mediation. Participants practice more advanced skill sets and participate heavily in role plays and other group facilitations. The types of cases that participants practice with include disputes that are common in community mediation and litigated cases. 

 Training covers, among other things, the negotiation process, mediation law, and legal requirements and provisions, settlement techniques, communication and active listening skills, identifying the proper parties for the mediation, confidentiality of the process, breaking  impasse, and drafting the settlement agreement. 

Daily Agenda:

Day- 01-  Monday

Day- 02- Tuesday

Day- 03- Wednesday

Day- 04- Thursday

Day- 05 - Friday

Day- 06-  Saturday

** For Group ( 3 or More from same organization) Discounts (10%) : Contact at info@MediationJD.com or Telephone: 310-544-1434


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