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Mediation Services

  Global Commerce, Tourism & Trade Dispute Resolution. Managed  Care. Work place Conflict , Personal Injury, Family Dispute, Litigated Case Mediation & Arbitration.

Mediation Services is provided by successful and prominent professional Sheo K.Sharma (Dr.S.K.). Over the span of past three decades the Dr.S.K. as neutral has conducted hundreds of mediation sessions  out of  court in their respective field of dispute resolution in diversified environment. 

 Dr.S.K. believes that the best result can be achieved by constantly thinking a few moves ahead of the other side. This Means not just reacting to the opposition, but instigating the first moves and planning the long range approach. As a result, we are very comfortable with ‘David vs. Goliath’ nature of battling a well-hacked opponent.

 Dr.S.K.as Professional  practitioner have great passion and respect for Mediation as an effective dispute resolution alternative. He constantly reminds disputants  Mahatma Gandhi's  words - " We win justice quickest by rendering justice to the other party. "

Scheduling:  MediationJD coordinates all aspects of cases including scheduling, billing, location, party involvement, video-conferencing and travel. Please Contact  on 310-544-1434 or by email info@corporatepoint.com for appointment.

Last Minutes Need:  If you have an urgent matter and want case to be heard. Please  Submit a Case - Form (on Line) and Call on 310-544-1434  or contact via an email to info@MediationJd.com  with case number and time (half or full day) needed..

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Mediation Svc.Fee,Confidentiality,Disclaimer & Privacy 

Submit a Case - Form (on Line)

General Mediation Forms

Memorandum of Understanding

Confidentiality Agreement

Mediation Sign In Form

Release of all Claims

Settlement Agreement and General Release 

Stipulation for Settlement

Stipulation to  Binding Arbitration

Standard Binding Arbitration Provision

Los Angeles County Superior Court ADR Forms


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