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Meet Dr.SK ~

Mediator.Speaker. Edutainer

It’s seldom that you find a really funny, clean entertaining educator, trainer and a good captivating speaker with a thousand-watts smile on his face. .

SK Sharma (Dr.SK) is one of the rare individuals who is equally adept at facilitating or presenting high content training and speeches. He excites, educates and always entertains

Dr.SK holds an "engineering" degree from India and a master degree in "Health Services Administration" from California State University.  He never let his schooling interfere with his education. After 34 years of bumming around in Corporate America, Dr.SK is gone bananas. He also secured Juris Doctor (J.D.) law degree from Abraham Lincoln University and  ‘Dispute Resolution Certificates” from Los Angeles County Bar Association, just to understand "Law and Order" television soap opera.

Over the span of past 34 years Dr.SK has conducted hundreds of Mediation Sessions  as a volunteer, as a management executive of a major Healthcare Delivery & Management Organization, as an owner and employer of a Travel and Tourism Company and as a Trade industry mediation & negotiation team member of respective fields in diversified environment. These Internal Conflict Resolution Mediation sessions were not just limited to employer employee relationship, employment discrimination, institutions and human resources, management v. health care providers v. health care end user but also included the vendors v. management, consumers v. service providers, family relationships, personal injury and sexual harassment, product development & intellectual property, educator v. students and government organizations. 

Dr.SK speaking typically includes several keynotes at conferences and many invitational speeches at prominent educational institutions, major corporations, public and private organizations in USA, UK, Philippines, Mexico and India. In early part of 2008, Dr.SK  gave an entertaining speech on “Leadership” and conducted a seminar on “Mediation as an effective alternative for dispute resolution” for Madhya Pradesh (India) state  high court honorable judges, justices and leading lawyers. He was also privileged to deliver an educational and entertaining speech on “Perseverance and Leadership development” to the gazetted officers and public administrators of Madhya Pradesh state government at “Noronha Academy of Administration & Management”  Bhopal (MP),India.

Dr.SK and his wife Dr.Meenu of 34 years has two sons, Pranav an IMBA graduate student at Pepperdine University and Amit a former senior advisor to US deputy treasury secretary, who constantly keep his ego in check by saying things like “Dad”, you’re so weird.  He is a founder of  “MediationJD.com”, a Mediation, Professional Ethics and Leadership Training and Consulting Company. He believes that “Life is too Short to Resolute Disputes”.

Dr.SK is a member of Professional Consultants and Speakers Association International, Los Angeles County Bar Association, Southern California Mediators Association, Indian Council of Arbitration, Paul Harris Fellow Rotarian and considers himself a servant  Mediator.

Dr.SK, an edutainer and an international speaker, will show you how he's brought humor to every aspect of that bumpy trip to lead a more healthier and happier existence---" But MORE importantly, he'll work with you to create life changing growth and prosperity for you, your corporation, institution and organization by showing and teaching the simple mediation techniques to resolute disputes.



Keynote Speeches

Life's too Short to Resolute Disputes !           If it Does not Fit, Must You Settle?               Go Mam Go !                                              A Mediator who bought his First used Ferrari !

The Character, that does not Count !           The East , the West and the Rest !             Here Comes Colonel Compliance !                 I Came, I Heard, I became a Mediator !

Demystifying Leadership Within You !
I'm their Leader, Which way did They go?
Let the Elephant come out of Crystal Cave !   I am the Boss here, Let me Talk !


My Life Mission

  • Who am I and why am I here? ( The Secret of Missing Link)

  • I Think Therefore I am (The person I see, The person I will be)

  • My Bold Vision (Manifesting the life I  truly desire)

  • The Moguls Success Formula (Intention means nothing, Results means everything)

  • Mystery of Relationship (Quality of my life is quality of my communication) 

  • The Freedom of Choice, "the truthiness"   (Victim versus Responsibility,  )

  • Wisdom of Duality (Power of Balance, The middle path)

  • Illusion of Seperateness ( Us vs.They) )

  • I act, Therefore I achieve (Today is the First and Last day of my life)


Master of Ceremonies

Dr.SK can add humorous professionalism as the emcee for your event. He writes customized material for your group. 

Pre-Program Questionnaire
Please fill out the questionnaire completely so SK can adequately prepare for your event.

Booking Dr.SK
SK is based in a Los Angeles suburb and can be reached here.

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