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   Alternative Dispute Resolution Rules ~


Court Rules

Reorganized California Rules Of Court

Rule 10.781


   Title 10. Judicial Administration Rules

   Division 4. Trial Court Administration

   Chapter 7. Alternative Dispute Resolution Programs

   As amended through April 1, 2007

   Rule 10.781. Court-related ADR neutrals.

   (a) Lists of neutrals

If a court makes available to litigants a list of ADR neutrals, the list must contain, at a minimum, the following information concerning each neutral listed:
   (1) The types of ADR services available from the neutral;
   (2) The neutral's resume, including ADR training and experience; and
   (3) The fees charged by the neutral for each type of service.

   (b) Requirements to be on lists

   In order to be included on a court list of ADR neutrals, an ADR neutral must sign a statement or certificate agreeing to:
   (1) Comply with all applicable ethics requirements and rules of court and;
   (2) Serve as an ADR neutral on a pro bono or modest-means basis in at least one case per year, not to exceed eight hours, if requested by the court. The court must establish the eligibility requirements for litigants to receive and the application process for them to request ADR services on a pro bono or modest-means basis.

   History. Rule 10.781 amended and renumbered effective January 1, 2007; adopted as rule 1580.1 effective January 1, 2001.

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