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Pre-Program Questionnaire ~
Please fill the questionnaire as completely as possible

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1. What is the theme and/or purpose of this meeting?

2. List some recent achievements of which the audience is proud?
3. Who are your major competitors in your industry?

4. What frequently used buzzwords are particular to your company
    and/or industry?

5. What frequently used acronyms are particular to your company
    and/or industry?

6. List a few daily and/or routine activities the audience will perform
    at work?

7. List some specific products and/or services your organization

8. What bothersome issues and/or people does the audience have
    to deal with, i.e. highway patrolmen, government regulations, bad
    checks, etc.?

9. What friendly company rivalries exist: i.e. accounting vs.
    salespeople, headquarters vs. branch offices, drivers vs.
    dispatchers, etc.?

10. List two to four people nearly everyone in the crowd would
     know, their title, and something unique about them, i.e. loves to
     fly planes, enjoys gambling, good natured about being bald, etc.

11. In addition to obvious off-color humor, are there any subjects or
     events that should not be mentioned?

12. What percent humor and what percent content would you like
      in this program?

13. What speakers/entertainers have been on the program in the

14. How many people do you expect and are spouses/significant