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grassRoots Seminars and Workshops ~        Mediation , M. & Ethics , M. & Leadership

MNL101- Mediating The Extrajudicial Disputes :  This  Forty  two hours, six day certification workshop is consists of  lecture, small group exercises, and role-playing designed for persons who want to acquire a strong foundation in mediator skills. and wish to satisfy the classroom training requirements of the California Dispute Resolution Programs Act. Course training is highly focused on practice of   mediation not only between the disputants and but also between the disputants and the  third party neutral _ Learn more

MNL102 - Mediating  The Litigated Cases :  This Forty  two hours, six day certification workshop is designed for professionals who wants to make transition from advocate  to omni-partial mediator. This  training programs puts major  emphasis on mediation of litigated cases, for experienced litigates, in-house counsel, and other practitioners._  Learn more

MNL103 - Mediating The Family Disputes This Fourteen hours two days course is designed for mediators who wish to enhance their skills in dealing with issues involving adult children and their parents, family businesses, co-habitation agreements and other specific training that may be transferable to divorce and domestic partnership disputes. __  Learn more

MNL104 - Mediating The Work Place Conflict Resolution :   This Twenty One hours three day workshop is designed for individuals working together in corporate environment help you reflect on your current approach in handling conflicts,  __ Learn more

MNL105 - Mediating Dispute Resolution Across the Globe:   This is fourteen hours two days workshop focused mainly on Online Dispute Resolution (ODR), its implementation, and importance in creating a trustworthy, transparent and non-discriminatory legal, regulatory and policy environment, as well as how ODR can help the Internet bring benefits to developing areas. Developing ODR is not only important as a key step towards the development of a more open non-discriminatory trading system, but is also a central component of e-commerce and technological development. ODR can aid in creating opportunities for friction-free cross-border commercial activities through the smooth resolution of possible disputes.

The importance of ODR cannot be overstated, as it is a necessary tool for both creating an online justice system that could develop and also implementing enabling policies that reflect not only everyday realities resulting from Internet use and misuse. ODR could also provide an alternative to divergent national policies that are often slow to adapt to technological development, and could promote an international environment supportive of e-commerce. _  Learn more

MNL106 - Mediation Process Skills on Cross-Cultural Environment:  This seven hours one day workshop designed for the mediators who wants to practice on international arena. Intensive emphasis is given on  "Socially transmitted behavior patterns, norms, beliefs and values of a given community." People thus use the elements of their culture to interpret their surroundings and guide their interactions with other persons."Culture is the ‘Silent language’ that parties need in addition to the language they are speaking if they are truly to communicate and arrive at a genuine understanding Cross cultural negotiation involves more systematic differences than body language, etiquette and deportment, such as deeper behavioral traits, organizational decision making processes and forms of corporate and public governance _ Learn More

  MNL107 - Making the Transition from Advocate to Mediator :   _This Seven hours one full day business and commercial training course is specifically designed for individuals who are making the not-always-easy shift from advocate to omni-partial mediator. _   Learn more


MPE201 – Ethics and the Virtuous Mediator-Lawyer:  An interactive exploration of the perplexing relationship between the rules of ethics and malpractice standards featuring an examination of duties under Common Law and the Rules, Learn more

MPE202 –Corporate & Business Ethics : When is, a general counsel a member of the management team, an advisor, an advocate, or a mediator? Learn more

MPE203 – Here Comes Colonel Compliance: MediationJD has developed innovative ethics and compliance programs for high profiles companies, associations and small businesses in diverse fields.  Learn more

MPE204 – The Gavel to Gavel: Judicial ethics is part of the larger legal category of legal ethics  The training emphasis on Judicial ethics which consists of the standards and norms that bear on judges and covers such matters as how to maintain independence, impartiality, and avoid impropriety._ Learn more..

MPE205 Making Ethics Matter in Managed Care:  The training looks into the American health care system  which historically has suffered from society's in ability to decide whether healthcare is: (a) a right, (b) a good that each person is individually responsible for, or (c) a good that some people (the elderly and the poor) have aright to and others don't (employees of a small firm without an insurance plan). We decree that latter must be treated if they come to hospital injured or sick-they just can't be paid for in any direct way. In addition to the ethical dilemma inherent in a health care system that recognizes the right to care for some and not others, we now have the critical concern raised by the involvement of managed care organizations in the doctor patient relationship. This dilemma gives a rise to mediation as an alternative to resolve  ethical disputes _ Learn more..

MPE206 Work Place Sexual Harassment unacceptable, but not:: The goal of this training is to create both consensus and understanding among management and support staff on appropriate and proper workplace conduct. The training emphasizes ethical considerations, common sense and respect, as well as critical concepts such as power abuse, hostile environments, and the misuse of protective regulations as coercive weapons _ Learn more..


MPL301 – Hot MogulsThis  “formula for success” module, is an evening or half a day workshop designed to produce significant results in your business and personal life. Learn More

MPL302 – Master Moguls: This three days workshop is a revelation for Institutions, Corporations and Professional Associations. it is a "million dollar formula for  "Success"   module. It is designed to  Learn more

MPL303 – Young & Restless Moguls is a Youth Peer Mediation, Perseverance, Character and Leadership Development  Program serves youth in schools and school districts. Learn more

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